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The Major Components of a roof

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Of all the different pieces of material that come together to make a house something to be seen and appreciated, the roof and its condition is one of those things most people do not keep an eye on. That is until something out of the ordinary happens to it. This is understandable and at the same time inexcusable. On one hand, your roof is way up there and falling from it is sure to leave you with a bruise or worse. Why risk it with no problem present, right? On the other hand, roofing for a house is no more complicated than its plumbing or HVAC system. All homeowners much have a fundamental understanding of how the roof to your home came to be in its current condition... Likewise, knowing who to turn to when a roof needs repair and replacing comes in handy as well.

Know The Different Names

In order to assess the quality and condition of a roof, any homeowner or resident, has to at least know the names for its different parts and material. Even if these roof components are out of everyday sight, it is reassuring to know what they are and the purpose they fill. Starting from the bottom up, underlayment is the layer laying on top of the wood sheets (deck) of a roof usually with a weather-proof seal over it. When it comes to directing water off of roof surfaces flashing (noun) fills that need with valley flashing in the inverted angles of a roof if any exist. Laying under the flashing and over the other layers is tile. Tiles can also be made from asphalt, metal, concrete, or wood. Any little micro spaces where roofing material is not flush get covered with trim.

Know the Different Elements

Even though you may know the different roof components and materials involved with construction there is still more to learn when it comes to its design. A little more than half a dozen elements come together to make the parts of a roof what it is. Starting from the top down, the ridge stands as its highest point and peak. If there happens to be more than ridge on a roof the hip is where they meet. Valleys are the parts where two sections meet at a downward angle. Not every roof has valleys. Pitch is how steeply the roof rises. The part that hangs over a home is the eave. At the corners, where the roof seems to make a triangle from the eave to the ridge is known as the gable. Dormers allow light into a home or attic directly through the top.

Contact the Professionals Promptly

There is plenty of good and worthwhile information to know when it comes to what to look for while surveying and maintaining the condition of your roof. Let the professionals of Southside Roofing do the thinking and heavy lifting for you. Why should you choose this company over others? The answer is because you should use licensed and insured service men working as a team on your roof. Moreover, Southside Roofing offers discounts for seniors, active military, and veterans. Contact us today for a free consultation.